House, garden, kitchen garden
Furniture & Interior
Furniture Interior Home textiles Other interior
Wiring accessories
Sockets, switches Extension cords and splitters Other wiring accessories
Security & Protection
Video surveillance Access Control Sensors (Security) Other Security & Video surveillance
Garden, kitchen garden (machinery, tools, fertilizers, etc.)
Motors Choppers Cutting tools for bushes Scythes, mowers, lawn mowers, trimmers Sprayers Cultivators Equipment for irrigation Stairs, ladders Other garden equipment Garden tools Seeds, seedlings, fertilizers, means of protection Other stuff for garden
Power tool
Drills Perforators Cordless drills (screwdrivers) Jackhammers Jigsaws Planes Angle grinders Tile saws Grinding, polishing, trowel mashines Frazer mashines Engravers Screeds, vibratory compactors Scissors for metal Frazers Thermoair blowers Inductrial hoovers Saws Sharpeners Wrenches Mixers Wall chasers Rammers Powered auger Multifunction tools Power tool boxes Other power tools
Wrenches Hammers Files Screwdrivers Wrenches, adapters, extension cords Handles Pliers, cutting pliers, combination pliers Bending pliers, lead sealing pliers Handsaws The tool for painting and decorating (paint, tile, loops, spatulas, applicators to foam and silicone) Tool boxes Joiner's tools Vice, carpenter vice Axes Measuring tools (Levels, triangles, tape measure) Holddown tools (glue pistol, riveters, hand stapler, soldering) Other tools
Consumables material for tools and fittings
Boers, drills Sircles, discs, ribbons, cutters Nozzles, bits Rivets, brackets Glue rods Solder, nozzles, rosin Blades for saws and jigsaws Tapes, masking tape, adhesive tapes, scotch tape Clamps, Joints Special clothing Boxes, organizers for tools Industrial hardware (nuts and other fasteners) Other consumables for tools
Electric appliances and materials (machines, relay, limit switches, terminal blocks, cable / wire, transistors, switches, etc.)
Measuring instruments (barometers, manometers, anemometers, sensors, etc.) Switchboard equipment Cables and wires Radiocomponents

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