Razer has released a new version of the Zephyr Pro mask

Razer has released a new version of the Zephyr Pro mask

30 March 2022, 20:00
A source: © techno.nv.ua
An updated model of the high-tech Zephyr mask was presented at CES 2022 by Razer. The innovative development aims to eliminate 99% of the pollutants that circulate in the air.

Zephyr Pro is very similar to the previous version, but with a loudspeaker. The lower part of the gadget is equipped with speakers with two grilles. The air intake has a backlight and a button that controls the volume of the voice (up to 60 decibels).

Photo © techno.nv.ua

The developers said that the cost of the Pro model will be approximately $150 ($50 more than the prototype). The weight of both models is identical. It is 201.6 grams.

“Due to the amplification of the power of the voice, the microphone became heavier. But at the same time, we managed to reduce the mass of the speaker itself thanks to the laser phrasing of the gratings,” said Will Powers (Public Relations Officer).

Powerful filters (class N95) are located on both sides of the mask, as well as in the lower part of it. Other interesting technological innovations are presented on our website in this section.

Photo © techno.nv.ua
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