Medical tattoo instead of a tonometer: a new development of scientists

Medical tattoo instead of a tonometer: a new development of scientists

21 June 2022, 22:50
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Modern medicine has provided many gadgets for measuring blood pressure. These are blood pressure monitors, fitness trackers and smart watches. But none of them can be called a perfect device. For example, when monitoring pressure with a tonometer, an error is possible due to a short fixation interval. To make the picture more understandable, the pressure must be measured several times a day, and this is not always comfortable for the patient. For fitness trackers and smart watches, the strap can shift, which means you should not completely trust the devices.

The solution to this problem was found by scientists from A & M University (Texas). Engineers called the development an electronic tattoo. The medical tattoo is made from a graphene sensor. The material is inside a sticky base, which is securely attached to the patient's body. Due to this, the device does not move for a long time and demonstrates objective indicators in real time.

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Similar developments have already been used to control cardiac activity and record indicators during sports in people with neurodegenerative diseases. To bring their idea to life, engineers came up with special machines for analyzing readings. When the tattoo begins its work, it sends an electric current into the skin. She then analyzes the body's response using bioimpedance. During testing, "tattoo" carried out absolutely accurate pressure control for 300 minutes.

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