Augmented reality contact lenses tested on humans for the first time

Augmented reality contact lenses tested on humans for the first time

28 June 2022, 12:29
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Mojo Vision is the first company to test augmented reality lenses on a human. This happened after all preclinical tests were completed, and scientists were convinced of the safety of the product. The first to experience the development was Drew Perkins, the company's CEO. The innovative lenses were placed in a man's eyes at a laboratory located in Saratosha, California.

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Mojo Vision began developing augmented reality lenses in 2015. A tiny device (diameter 0.5 mm) with a resolution of 14,000 pixels displays an image in green. The novelty is equipped with a medical battery, which is built into the outer ring. The battery keeps the gadget running throughout the day. In addition, a processor, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a magnetometer are embedded in the device. They track eye movements and correct the “picture”. Thanks to the smart interface, a person can easily control the gadget.

Drew Perkins said that while testing the lenses, he was able to view a series of images and used a compass. The prototype also displayed a quote from the teleprompter on the screen. At this stage, the developers are engaged in the certification of the device. They hope that soon their offspring will enter the commercial market and will benefit people with visual impairments.

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