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Vintage postcard auctions online

The generation that grew up in the era of gadgets does not give postcards. They might not know the experience of choosing a postcard to present, buying it and feeling like you want to keep it, as the unique and...

Vintage postcard auctions online

The generation that grew up in the era of gadgets does not give postcards. They might not know the experience of choosing a postcard to present, buying it and feeling like you want to keep it, as the unique and beautiful piece could be a part of their own collection.

The 21st century will leave descendants, unfortunately, only congratulatory silence. Because we congratulate each other with messages that are erased or lost shortly after.

The huge selection of postcards that were in stores 20 years or more ago can now only be seen at postcard auctions. In general, collecting postcards is an inexpensive and very exciting hobby for adults and children. The 19th and especially the 20th century was a golden age for postcard publishers. The following fact speaks of the importance and significance of the postcard invention - in 1878, the World Postal Congress was held in Paris, where its standard was established.

And the first postcards appeared in Austria in 1869. In 1871, they began to be mass - printed in England, Switzerland, Belgium, and Denmark.

The postcard, which appeared in the 19th century as one of the means of postal correspondence, was in great demand until the end of the 20th century. Until new means of communication were invented. Today, vintage postcards from the 19th and early 20th centuries are of great interest at postcard auctions online. Many of them are true works of art. The modern craze for old postcards has grown from a simple love for the vintage aesthetics into a serious trend.

If you're a postcard collector and looking to enrich your collection, vintage postcard auctions offer high quality, well-preserved items. You can participate in the auction on our website around the clock. You have full access to information on any lot, so you can make an informed choice.

It is worth paying attention that the postcards are not worn out, and with the seal of the postal service. The postcards signed by the hand of famous personalities are of special value. For example, for each family, ancestors and relatives who have already passed away are especially significant. Postcards that they gave, oftentimes remain, and are inherited. If you’re looking to find a postcard that will awaken joyful memories and feelings, it is not at all a difficult task. One might only have to look in a stack of old correspondence in the closet. This is a family history that must be honored and preserved, shared with children and passed onto future generations.

It is a vintage postcard that embodies the uniqueness, elegance, and craftsmanship. It seems that each of them contains a piece of the soul of the author. Perhaps that is why many of them have been preserved to our times in good condition.

Although an antique postcard for many is a memory of past times. And therefore, it was kept in albums or in boxes, away from the light that could deteriorate their condition. There are postcards that look surprisingly good today.

Antique postcards for sale

Among the variety of vintage postcards, there are topics that are of great interest to collectors. For example, some are only looking for flowers, others are only looking for Christmas cards, others are looking for postcards with portraits of women or men, others are only looking for animals, and so on.

There are even promotional cards featuring brands like Coca-Cola or Cracker Jack Bears that many philocartists will love. Sports fans are looking for old postcards featuring famous players.

Amongst all the antique postcards for sale the most popular ones are associated with significant historical events or personalities. The most expensive postcard in the world is a copy of the sunken Titanic and hand-signed on the back, where someone carelessly wrote the menu of a cruise ship. This copy brought its former owner over 44.6 million dollars.

Collecting old postcards, as well as selling them, can bring considerable profit. The images on them convey the spirit of the era.

The value of antique postcard with reproductions of the Czech painter Alfons Mucha reaches 10 thousand dollars a piece. They are especially valued amongst philocartists.

But, be careful when choosing vintage postcards. After all, those are items on which:

There are inscriptions, marks left by no one knows who and no one knows when, there is dirt and stains, folds, heavily frayed edges (up to fringe). These postcards are usually not worth much.

You won't see these in our auction. Although even fairly damaged copies also have a certain historical value. Especially if there are no better condition to be found.

In general, collect what you like. Something that will give you pleasure.May your hobby bring you joy!

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