ОХО paid service fee tariffs

Violity ОХО website provides paid services on:

  • placement, processing of data and information
    • about the object (hereinafter – placement);
    • about the reserve price (hereinafter – establishment of the reserve price);
    • about the exact time of the end of the bidding process (hereinafter – choice of the exact time of the end);
    • using the Violity ОХО hardware and software system in the process/upon results of the bidding or deals in relation to lots with a fixed price (hereinafter – bidding support);
    • on placing a bid during the bidding or on purchasing an item at a Blitz price or a fixed price (hereinafter – bid);
    • on the price offer (hereinafter – price offer);
  • advertising and other promotion of information on behalf of the customers (hereinafter – advertising).

Tariffs for different countries may vary.

Fees for all services of the site is debited from the user's virtual account. The fee for bidding support services is paid by the Seller of the lot and is determined as a percentage of the sale price and depends on a number of factors, in particular: the section (group) in which the lot was sold and the sale price (amount for which it was sold):

Section of the "ОХО (standard)"

ОХО (standard)
Price of the lot (Section of the "ОХО (standard)Bidding supportBetPlacement
From 1 uah till 500 uah 4%0,01 uah0,01 uah
From 501 uah till 7 000 uah 3%0,01 uah0,01 uah
From 7 001 uah till ∞ uah 2%0,01 uah0,01 uah

Section of the "ОХО" (dynamic)
Bidding support for re-placement
(valid for users registered after 25.09.2017)

ОХО (dynamic)
Amount of re-placement Dynamic-Re-placement
1 -- -0,01 uah
From 2 till 3 -- -0,02 uah
From 4 till 5 -- -0,03 uah
From 6 till ∞ -- -0,04 uah

Section of the "ОХО (store)"

ОХО (store)
Price of the lot (Section of the "ОХО (store)Bidding supportBetPlacement
From 1 uah till 500 uah 3%0,01 uahfree of charge uah
From 501 uah till ∞ uah 2%0,01 uahfree of charge uah

Additional function

Option viewDescription Value
Select the exact end time of the lot
(lot creation form)
In the process of creating a lot, it is possible to specify the exact time of the end of the lot. We recommend to choose the time between 20:00 and 22: 00, as at this time most of the buyers are on the site and fighting for the lots. 0.01 uah

Seller’s pre paid advertisements.

Types of advertisementDescription of the serviceTargeted audienceValue
Advertising in the newsletter
(price and description)
Advertising in the newsletter is an extremely efficient way to advertise your lot. It will be sent out to active addresses of all the users of our action. Your advertising will be received in the letter named "Interesting lots". We will advertise your lot by the newsletter every day until the expiration time.340 000 usersfrom 25 uah.
Recommendation Violity OXO
(description and price)
Recommendation Violity OXO - in this unit at site includes all of the lots which were identified by experts Violity as interesting, but You can also order this unit, after moderation, the lot will immediately appear in the block. The block is located in each section of the site in which there are only lots from this section. Depending on the sectionfrom 15 uah.
depends on section
Advertising on forum
(price and description)
Forum advertising - one of the most effective types of advertising campaign. Your lot will be seen by a targeted interested audience of experts and connoisseurs. It will be actively advertised on the forum pages until the expiration time.32 000 usersfrom 10 uah.
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