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Numismatic silver coins

Utopians and communists in their fantasies painted a world without money. However, fantastic stories about space exploration turned out to be more real than communist ideas. We will soon inhabit Mars, but a world without...

Numismatic silver coins

Utopians and communists in their fantasies painted a world without money. However, fantastic stories about space exploration turned out to be more real than communist ideas.

We will soon inhabit Mars, but a world without money is hard to imagine. Even those tribes that were and are at the lowest stage of development have a monetary system of some sort. Despite that our ways of life are completely different, they still do not imagine market relations without any type of currency.

Money has been a part of human history since ancient times. Silver coins became the most widespread monetary unit back then. Aliattes, king of Lydia, was the first to introduce them. Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Persian Empire, conquered Lydia and laid the foundation for the monetary system.

Importantly, money is the witness of past eras, as they can tell us about the form of government, rulers and their sucessors, about coups d'etat, battles, and various important events in the life of the state, and even about the Olympic Games. It is valuable to learn about history not only from manuscripts, where the narrator can have his own opinion or view of events. Numismatic silver coins are the best witnesses of historical events.

Often, by finding money during excavations, archaeologists and historians determine who ruled at that time, who succeeded whom on the throne. Sometimes, during excavations, they discover unique coins that have not been seen before, their value can be really high and cost a fortune.

Cost of silver coin

The determining factors for the price of silver coins, as well as gold or copper, are their rarity and condition. Not many of the first coins have survived until our time. They were carefully studied by researchers. It is assumed that the amount of ancient coins in circulation was very small. After all, the value of making a silver coin was high. The minting of coins took a long time; notches were made on the edges to avoid fakes. Therefore, most scientists believe that the first money served as a means of payment in very large trade transactions, including between states.

Value of silver coins

But not all that shines is gold. And not all gold is worth more than silver. It can also be added - not only very old items cost millions. The story of the Loose Hair coin proves this point. After all, it was minted in 1794, which is by the standards of history not much. Its denomination was 1 dollar. And the quality of the coinage left much to be desired. But this batch of dollars had a symbolic meaning, and represented that the United States formed as a state. Its production was more of a political move than a financial one.

And a little more than 200 years later, for 1 silver dollar of 1794, 10,016,875 dollars were given at auction. Which reiterates the point that buying silver coins is a great investment.

Recently, more and more the opinion has been expressed that silver is significantly undervalued. There is a fear that most of the world's reserves of this precious metal have been exhausted. According to various estimates, over the past century, its reserves have decreased from 70 to 90%. Silver is becoming a promising precious metal. Therefore, purchasing silver coins on our site is a strategy to become an investor who will never be at a loss.

Taking care of silver coins

Many people collect coins now. However, the owner of a silver coin must remember that this metal may lose its visual appeal over time. The silver coin requires special care.

Treasure hunting is a popular activity nowadays, there are more and more old coins discovered. But since they have been hidden in the ground for tens and hundreds of years, many of them are not in the best condition, and they require cleaning. Therefore, collectors often ask the question: "How to clean silver coins at home?".

There are several methods: ammonia, soapy water, a combination of soda and ammonia are recommended. But, we must warn you that the process of cleaning a coin is very scrupulous. And with uncareful handling, you can damage the coin, which will decrease the cost significantly.

When using any of the cleaning methods, it is important to keep in mind that it is impossible to return it to its original appearance. But with the right approach, you can significantly improve the appearance of money.

If you do not wish to take risks, the approach could be contacting specialists who can remove pollution and oxidation.

How much is silver coin worth

Recently, a stash of silver coins was discovered on the territory of modern Turkey, which, according to numerous signs, was buried by a high-ranking officer about 2100 years ago and who, for some unknown reason, could not claim it.

The treasure is unique as such famous personalities as Caesar, Brutus, Mark Antony are depicted on the coins. And the reverse side depicts mythology stories. How much is one such silver coin worth?

In all likelihood, the price at the auction would have been quite high, given the condition and rarity of the coins. However, the treasure was sent to the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara, where it was put on public display.

Old silver coins

Despite the age, the old silver coins, buried by an officer more than 2000 years ago and found in Turkey, are perfectly preserved. It also speaks about the quality of silver. Because in the later days of the Roman Empire, less and less silver was added to the coins, and they quickly lost their attractiveness.

The number of treasures found does not decrease every year. And with modern technology, the chances of becoming an owner of rarities increase even more. The headlines like - “Treasure Found”, “Ancient Coins Found”, “Found by an Amateur Archaeologist” are frequent in publications.

A person who decides to sell found or inherited silver coins must research and understand its worth, how rare or valuable it is. As well as where it can be sold safely. Much more often than gold coins on our site there are silver coins for sale.

Sometimes they are bought as a gift. This is a long-lasting memory of the person who gave the gift, plus an investment opportunity for the owner of the coin.

How to buy a silver coin

During excavations of ancient cities, not only rare silver coins are found. Archaeologists are still discovering counterfeit money made in that era. For example, during excavations in Israel, money was found that was in circulation when the country was under Egyptian rule. The pieces found look like silver, but inside were copper. On the outside, copper was covered with the thinnest layer of silver. And although this money was not very similar to modern money, nevertheless, the fact remains that they are counterfeit and, as such, do not particularly represent historical value.

Moreover, during the excavations of the Viking settlement, counterfeit coins from Roman Empire times were discovered. Such examples are not rare.

The use of silver in old coins helped governments reduce spending. After all, gold in the old days cost about 13 times more. Therefore, counterfeit silver coins are much more common than gold ones.

Importantly, how can you protect yourself from buying counterfeit money?

Our site is convenient and is recognized as one of the best for collectors. You can get advice, consult with other numismatists to determine the real value of old silver coins.

We create a safe and convenient environment for collectors. You can choose from our large selection of coins from different eras, all of which are of numismatic value. You can buy a silver coin in a few simple steps on our website. We are waiting for you in our large family of numismatists.

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