Powering your computer with algae: a new development by scientists

Powering your computer with algae: a new development by scientists

12 May 2022, 23:00
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The search for alternative sources for generating electricity does not stop for a minute. So, scientists from the University of Cambridge (UK) built a mechanism that can feed small computers with the help of cyanobacteria. The researchers used a carefully studied bacterium called Synechocystis.

The function of the electrode was performed by aluminum wool, which is safe for the environment. The life of the device, whose appearance resembles a finger-type battery, is at least six months.

According to biochemist Paolo Bombelli, the development team did not expect the battery to last for such a long time. The maximum that the researchers expected was a few weeks.

It turned out that cyanobacteria, when absorbing light, are capable of generating more than 4 microwatts of electricity (per 1 sq.cm). This became sufficient for six months of support for a 32-bit processor with a limited set of functions.

The author of the development noted that devices generating alternative energy are very important for humanity. After all, the need for standard batteries, which spoil the environment, will decrease many times over.

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